Strategies in the plan are a result of the vision, mission and core values that we uphold and entails what the school stands for which is academic excellence especially in KCSE, outstanding characters, innovation and responsible citizenship.

      Our Vision

To provide quality and all-round education for excellent performance.


      Our Mission

To inculcate the virtues of life that enhance the full development of a person through the provision of experiences that stimulate the mind, spirit, body, and emotions for self-reliance.

     Core Values

Academic excellence

Responsible citizenship/patriotism –harmony, for country and respect for diverse culture character development.

Character Development – We cultivate values of character development through learning. 


Community Service – We strive to be of good service to the greater community through voluntary and other charitable services.


Corporate culture     - Embracing teamwork for total performance

Spiritual growth        - Respect and acceptance of individual’s religion and positive wellness.

Talent development  – Providing room for talent development as per individual ability.


      Strategic Objectives

  • Implementation of the Education curriculum
  • Preparation  of Teaching and Learning resources
  • Sourcing for curriculum resource materials
  • Enhancing staff capacity building
  • Raising funds to supplement school programs
  • Ensuring provision of quality education
  • Identifying and development of special abilities in co-curricular programs.
  • Provide spiritual and social guidance